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Family Law & Divorce Attorney
in Mount Pleasant, Iowa

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Patrick C. Brau

Attorney at Law

I was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. When I earned my law degree from Drake University Law School I practiced in Cedar Rapids for 13 years, it only felt suitable to open Brau Law Office in my hometown so that I could provide my services to families in need. Before becoming a lawyer, I was a social worker, which gave me a different type of insight into the court system for family law. Contact me today if you are looking for holistic and trustworthy services for your family.

More About Me

Why You Should Hire Me

I Have Over 36 Years
Of Legal Experience

I have handled every case related to family law including divorce, adoption, and even real estate. I will fight for what you desire.

Rely on My Experience

I Was Born and Raised
In Mount Pleasant

Being a part of Mount Pleasant my whole life, I am dedicated to making our home a place that we can be proud of.

Trust in My Services

Before Being a Lawyer,
I Was a Social Worker

My background as a social worker gives me the unique experience of helping families with many different legal issues.

I Am Here for You

Build a Better Life
For Your Family

Whether you are needing a divorce, are looking to adopt a child, or are seeking custody of your children, I am here to help. Contact me today in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and set up a free consultation. I serve families in Burlington, Fairfield, Fort Maddison, and Keokuk, Iowa.

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Helping Families All Over Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Family law troubles can be some of the most challenging legal burdens a person can bear. Whether you are dealing with the complicated process of adoption or the heartbreaking battle of divorce and child custody, it can be very overwhelming. That is why you deserve a family law attorney who will lead you and your family through the difficult journey. At Brau Law Office, I have been helping families in Mount Pleasant with various legal problems for decades. Let me help your family move forward.

My background as a social worker helps me look at cases from a whole other lens, which can help you with different roadblocks that you may run into. I am also able to help you with real estate transactions, both residential and commercial. To get started on your case, get in contact with me at Brau Law Office in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and schedule your free consultation. I also serve the communities of Burlington, Fairfield, Fort Maddison, and Keokuk, Iowa. Turn to a lawyer who is dedicated to Mount Pleasant.